Twitter in 2012 for Drew

In 2012 I actually started to get followed by some absolutely wonderful people that I’ve adored on Twitter for a long time. It is truly exciting for me every time someone I think is funny or smart or witty or just interesting connects with me. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and talk to and befriend some of my favorite people from Twitter this year including:


I’ve gotten to see others perform like


I am lucky enough to to say I’ve become friends from a distance with many more like


I’ve been surprised by the generosity of wonderful people like @KimHolcolmb and @JuliaDavidovich who gave me toys (YES, TOYS) and let me write dumb stuff for them, respectively.

There are so many people that are in New York that I’m excited to stalk and meet soon like @EliYudin, @KyleLippert, @CurlyComedy, @Ecareyo and so many more. Not being in this post means NOTHING! I still love you and I still love twitter. Its given me so many opportunities to connect with so many great people and I look forward to connecting with more soon. Thats all. Go check these (and everyone I follow) out because they’re just great people.

"Can I leave the murder party, clown?" (Taken with Instagram)

"Can I leave the murder party, clown?" (Taken with Instagram)

The Daily Show’s politically correct acceptance speech at the 2012 Comedy Awards.

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as per request i compiled all of my silly terry tweets into one stupid post (listed earliest to latest)

thanks to @MindyFurano for the terry pic : )

I Love Julia (and Terry).

Never Forget (To Krump) (Taken with Instagram)

Never Forget (To Krump) (Taken with Instagram)

Megan Amram: Anniversary


One year ago today, I got in the driver’s seat of a car that my mother paid for and gave me and drove from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles, California to (at most) flourish and (at least) not die. Ten years ago today, some normal-sized people hijacked some normal-sized planes and flew them into…